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About the Journal

Journal of Face Aesthetics (JoFA) is a semi‑annually bilingual journal (in Polish and English) published in Poland by the Poznan University of Medical Sciences ( Each issue of JoFA contains 5 to 8 full-text papers as well as reports, letters, reports, and more.
The goal and area of the Journal of Face Aesthetics is to promote multifaceted research in all aspects of basic, medical, dental and cosmetology related to facial aesthetics in children, young adults, adults with special needs and people in adulthood.
The journal focuses on basic scientific research, clinical trials, various forms of literature review, including and justification for the authors’ own research and insights. All articles are initially reviewed by professors who are members of the editorial board and then by at least two international reviewers known to be interested in or knowledgeable as experts in the fields the articles concern.

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Ministry of Science and Higher Education: 5 pts per article

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Vol. 7 No. 1 (2024)
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