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General information

The journal is published semi‑annually. It is indexed in Google Scholar.

Journal of Face Aesthetics (JoFA) is an official journal published in Poland by the Poznan University of Medical Sciences and the Medical Department of the University of this second published in English and Polish.
Journal of Face Aesthetics publishes 5 to 8 full‑text works, plus reports, letters, reports amongst others.
The goal and area of the Journal of Face Aesthetics is to promote multifaceted research in all aspects of basic, medical, dental and cosmetology related to facial aesthetics in children, young adults, adults with special needs and people in adulthood.
The journal focuses on basic scientific research, clinical trials, various forms of literature review, including and justification for the authors' own research and insights. All articles are reviewed by at least two international reviewers who are known to be interested in or have knowledge, are experts in the field covered by the journal.

Indexed in:
ICI Journals Master List: 100.00
Ministry of Science and Higher Education: 5.0

Ethical guidelines
The Journal of Face Aesthetics applies the ethical principles and procedures recommended by COPE (Committee on Conduct Ethics), contained in the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors, Peer Reviewers and Authors available on the COPE website: https://publicationethics.org/resources/guidelines.

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